A Tokaj One Man Show: Zoltán Demeter

2012. december 20. 10:00

Niklas Jörgensen
Wine Virtuosity
The life of a wine producer is probably as far from wine romanticism as you can get. Yet the hard work they put in to it, realizing their visions, is what awakens emotions in me.

„Zoltán Demeter is a one man show basically. You might not give it so much thought when reading the sentence here so let me explain. We arrive around ten in the morning to find Zoltán occupied at the bottling line. The 2011 Estate wine is ready now and the man prefers to do everything himself, to keep as much control over the wines. Still, he manages to be our guide as well for the coming hours although he keeps on running in and out to the bottling line.

I know, you think he should let go a bit, hire someone to help out. Yes and no. This is one of the tough parts of putting up your own wine production as Zoltán is. The costs. At the same time, he do work with a vision which is to allow every site he cultivates, to speak through the wine. There is always a risk losing that vision, if not fully shared or understood, when more people are involved. Zoltán knows that and doesn’t compromise with his vision although he of course doesn’t harvest himself or can keep up on his own at all stages. (...)

Zoltán Demeter Pincészet might be a new winery but the man knows what he is doing and are already performing at a level few will ever reach. He is the kind of wine personality I admire the most out there, the one I want to support, the one I hope everyone in to wine will discover. The one that brings emotions to wine.”

Az eredeti, teljes írást itt olvashatja el.
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