Matching wine and chocolate

2013. március 31. 09:10

Jancis Robinson

Over Easter your household may harbour rather more chocolate than usual. Can chocolate be paired with wine? Convention and most wine literature says not.

„There is one form of chocolate, however, that is perfectly happy with dry red table wines. Creative chefs all over the world seem increasingly to be using unsweetened chocolate in savoury dishes. Recently at Appellation restaurant in the Barossa Valley I was served a puree of bitter chocolate, black pudding and morels under a fillet of melting beef from a Wagyu Angus cross by Peter Gilmore, usually based at Quay in Sydney. Henschke's complex, full-bodied Hill of Grace 1996 and 2008 went beautifully with it with no sacrifice of subtlety. 

Wines to drink with chocolate 

Superior ruby port 
Vintage character port 
LBV port 
Tawny port 

Pedro Ximénez/PX 
Superior cream sherry 

Full, rich madeira 
Malmsey madeira 


Rutherglen Muscat 
Rutherglen Muscadelle/Topaque 

South African and Australian answers to port”

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