2015. november 4. 13:04
Today, Tokaji Aszú shines with distinction. It's been modernized in the best sense. And its flavor is like no other: sweet yet briskly acidic and not at all heavy.
2014. március 26. 9:13
The realisation that a Central or Eastern European wines could potentially become a respectable, premium commodity would almost seem a joke!
2013. január 17. 16:59
Mr. Heimann junior’s favorite is above all the age-old Kadarka sort of grape, which Szekszárd used to be famous for.
2012. december 20. 10:00
The life of a wine producer is probably as far from wine romanticism as you can get. Yet the hard work they put in to it, realizing their visions, is what awakens emotions in me.
2012. november 8. 16:06
This past summer I received an e-mail from Zoltán Demeter, a winegrower in Hungary's Tokaj region whose wines I admire unreservedly.
2012. október 23. 9:02
Tokaj is, without doubt, Hungary’s top region. Dry or sweet, it doesn’t matter, the quality is outstanding, sometimes even world class.
2012. október 13. 8:51
If you type »Somló, 8481 Doba, Hungary« into Google Earth, you will virtually hover over an irregular oval in a sea of quadrilaterals.
2012. szeptember 1. 9:54
Tokaj and it’s new and dynamic producers are worth a bigger audience and we, the consumers, will be amazed how great dry Furmint can be.
2012. július 22. 20:17
If you have a bottle from Ribera del Duero, another from Rhône and third from Eger, what would you choose?
2012. július 5. 10:17
Wieso spiegeln die Falstaff-Punkte nie die Jahrgangsunterschiede wieder?
2012. június 22. 9:20
I don’t want Mr Parker to taste my wines. I believe in nature!
2012. május 27. 8:40
With the deepest of humility he is managing to reveal the true potential that Furmint and Harslevelu.
2012. április 28. 11:57
Blaufränkisch - A red variety with a deep, blackish hue, refreshing acidity and a spicy scent, it's an Austrian specialty, but actually more widely grown than might be imagined.
2012. április 13. 9:47
Judgment and insight are the hallmarks of a good palate. Everything else is a technicality.
2012. április 5. 10:51
I was impressed by the Cabernet Francs from Villány (although all the accents in the Hungarian language are driving me nuts).